Walt Disney World announces opening date for newest rollercoaster TRON Lightcycle/Run

Disneyland: The priciest place on earth? ‘Big Sunday Show’ panelists discuss Disney World ticket prices increasing nearly 4,000% in 50 years, Nancy Pelosi’s ‘connection’ with China, NYPD officers quitting the force and popular road trip songs to relax your pets.  The newest addition to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be debuting this Spring. TRON … Read more

Marburg disease hits Africa as WHO confirms outbreak in Equatorial Guinea

Marburg disease is afflicting Western Africa, with the World Health Organization confirming that Equatorial Guinea is seeing its first-ever outbreak of the illness. The WHO verified that the Ebola-like condition was present after samples were analyzed in a Senegal lab. The organization said they were sending experts as well as protective equipment to help officials … Read more